My Ubuntu Desktop Setup & TroubleShoots

For Dell XPS 13 9310


Install fingerprint driver

Dell XPS 13 uses Goodix fingerprinter. Download driver and install.

Or do it manually:

  1. Download via wget

$ wget -O ~/Downloads

  1. Install via dpkg

$ sudo dpkg -i libfprint-2-tod1-goodix_0.0.6-0ubuntu1~somerville1_amd64.deb

  1. Reboot
  2. Enroll

$ fprintd-enroll

  1. Configure from system setting.


Make Wi-Fi Stable

Edit power save setting file


wifi.powersave = 3  # <-- Edit to 2

Restart service

$ systemctl restart NetworkManager


Battery optimize

Install tlp

$ sudo apt tlp tlp-rdw

Check tlp

$ tlp-stat -s


Gnome tweak and extensions

$ sudo apt install gnome-tweak

$ sudo apt install extension-manager

  • runcat
  • burn my windows
  • compiz windows effect
  • clipboard indicator
  • always show workspace thumbnails
  • gesture improvements
  • gsconnect (Turn off ‘phone->pc notification shareing’)


WineHq KakaoTalk Korean issue

Korean input issue at iBus

  1. Edit wine registry (Useful registry keys)

$ wine reg add “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\X11 Driver” /v InputStyle /t REG_SZ /d root /f

  1. Edit KakaoTalk start-up command


~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/카카오톡/카카오톡.desktop Add LANG="ko_KR.UTF-8" to Exec, before wine-stable


Korean font print issue

  1. Download Gulim TTF fonts, and move them to


And make fonts’ permission to 664 or over.

  1. Edit system.reg file


"MS Shell Dlg"="Tahoma"     # <-- "Gulim"
"MS Shell Dlg 2"="Tahoma"   # <-- "Gulim"


Audio controller software

(When the sound is played to the unexpected device)
Install PulseAudio controller, and choose the proper device

$ sudo apt install pavucontrol


Install zsh & Oh My Zsh

zsh Installation Link or install via apt

$ sudo apt install zsh

And then, install Oh My Zsh